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VHF radio stations

R-612-18 VHF/UHF radio station

R-612-18Purpose: provides open, masked or classified radio in VHF, UHF installation of stationary and moving objects, equipped with on-board power supply network of 27 V. It is designed to maintain radio communication with the same type of radio stations and other stations in the presence of common frequency ranges, types and modes work to be placed on the ground, water and air moving and stationary objects.
R-612-18 provides the antenna on the P-168BSHPA or MV-UHF antenna of any type with the wave resistance of 50 ohms, or on the antenna with an impedance of 75 ohms when using block P-612AF-29.
The composition according to versions: priemoperedachi channel, headphone, set of cables (for connecting the channel priemoperedachi to 27V on-board network and terminal equipment to the junction of PM and PL), a set of spare parts-O, a set of operational documentation.
Perhaps recruiting additional blocks: P-612AF-21, P-612AF-22, P-612AF-25 (for two radio stations with a total antenna in the frequency bands defined by filters), block P-612AF-20 (for HF transceiver and radios per antenna), R-612AF-29 (for the transceiver to the antenna with an impedance of 75 ohms), R-612PDU (for remote control modes), R-612GR (speaker), R-168-UVRD-O.
Modes: FF (simplex single and dual frequency), FF with technical escaped, program restructuring of the operating frequency-100 hops / s, adaptive communication.


Frequency range, MHz


Frequency spacing, Hz



3, F3, G3,
1D, F1, F1D

The output voltage of the transmitter, measured at 50 ohm resistive load, V (W):
in FM mode
in AM mode


45 (40)
42 (35)

Relative frequency instability, not worse


Receiver sensitivity, V, not worse


Current consumption, A, not worse:
in the mode of "reception"
in the mode of "transmission" at a power level "Full"


Operating temperature range,


Overall dimensions, mm


Mass, kg, not over


Particularities of the R-612 radio station:
radio telephony communication with amplitude (A3
), frequency (F3) or phase (G3E) analog modulation;
communication with amplitude (
1D) modulation at symbol rate of 25000 b/s or frequency (F1D) modulation at symbol rates of 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 16000, 19200 Bauds;
frequency telegraphy (F1
) at symbol rates 50, 100, 300, 500, 1,200, 2,400, 3,600, 4,800 Bauds;
mating with analog equipment - via ChT channel, digital equipment via S1-FL interface, PC via S2 interface, DTE via S1-TG interface;
operation at a fixed frequency with encryption;
operation with the same type radio at separate antennas at a distance not less than 5 km between them;
input and filing the radio data for 100 communication channels;
automatic check for serviceability;
automatic retransmission of telephone analog data in simplex and double-simplex modes, and digital data in FH and AC modes;
listening watch mode
possibility for prohibition of TRANSMIT mode;
protection of transmitter output circuitry against break or short-circuit in AFD;
control of operation modes from the local control console or remote control console;
remote control via S2 or IRPS interface;
provision of round-the-clock operation at RX:TX =5:1tim
ratio and duration of TRANSMIT mode, when operating by this cycle, not more than 3 minutes;
implemented in the general climatic design "O", except the requirements for low humidity, the salt (sea), fog, mold, propellants, and aggressive media and high humidity - less than 98% (instead of 100%) at 35

Designer: Concern Sozvezdie

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