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VHF radio stations

R-168-5UT-2E VHF vehicular radio station

Purpose: The R-168-5UT-2E (vehicular version of radio R-168-5UN-2E) VHF multi-channel radio station provides clear or secure radio telephone communication for a company-battalion-regiment of the tactical command link.
It installed on the mobile objects. The R-168-5UT-2E radio station is a facility of the data cryptographic protection.
Component parts: transceiver, microphone-telephone handset MTG-2, antenna TShDA, wiring, LFA, secondary power supply BSP, shock mount, in-line documentation set.
Types and modes of operation: simplex, secure simplex, double simplex, FH, automated adaptive communication; control and data transmission via RS-232C interface; operation with DTE via S1-FL interface at the rates of 1.2, 2.4, 4.8, 9.6, 16 kbps; listening watch with economizer; voice prompter of the radio condition and the operator’s actions; reception and transmission of digital and analog data; tone, address and circular call; scan receiving at 8 preset frequencies, retransmission mode, noise suppressor, multi-channel mode; urgent erasure of radio data.
Frequency range, Hz
Frequency spacing, kHz
Number of communication channels:
at one-channel operation
at multi-channel operation

Receiver sensitivity, µV, not worse:
Transmitter output power, W:
8 / 2 / 0.25
Distance range, km, min
DC power supply, V
Operating temperature range, °
Transceiver overall dimensions, mm
Transceiver mass, kg, not over

Particularities of the radio station:
• alternating, every 0.5 s, review of PF in the scan receiving mode with fixation of the call signal from the correspondent and also change to transmission mode at the frequency of the calling correspondent;
• remote control via two-channel line from the telephone;
• input of radio data both manual and automatic with the aid of optic device UVRD-O;
• various versions of the radio feed;
• cryptographic protection of data;
• automatic check for serviceability;
• voice prompter of the operator’s actions;
• dialog mode of operation;
• operation at high, medium and low power;
• manual and automatic radio data input

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