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VHF radio stations

R-168-5UN-1E  VHF radio station
(vehicular verson)

The R-168-5UN-1E radio provides clear and encrypted radio communications in the tactical command link (platoon, company, battalion) radio networks under harsh environment. Popular radio station R-168-5UN-1E VHF has won wide recognition of experts of the RF Ministry for Defence, RF Ministry for Internal Affairs troops and other departments, and is also known among the foreign partners.
The R-168-5UN-1E radio station is awarded with the Diploma and the Gold medal at International exhibition Interpolitex. It is added to the RF Ministry of Defence arsenal.

Delivery set: transceiver, handset MTG-01, rod antenna, battery 10NKGTs-7.5C (10NKGTs-6-2), battery case, bracket, LFA, secondary power supply BS-P, shock mount, cables set, switching device, cable termination, SPTA-S set, in-line documentation set.
At customer’s will the delivery set may be supplemented with: record console, power supply BPS, shock mount (for carrying the radio station and DTE), counterpoise, rod antenna and a section of the rod antenna or antenna Ash-2.4 instead of them, antenna on the shock mount, brackets, battery 10NKGTs-6-2, small-sized charger UZM-6-1, battery case, handset «GID», handset ĚŇG-01, adapter 1, cable, cable terminations for connection of PC and DTE, adapter 2, group set SPTA-G for 10 articles, group set SPTA-R for 30 articles.
Types of Operation: FM telephony with and without ciphering, transmission-reception of digital data from external on-premise terminal at a rate of 1.2 to 16 kbps.
Operation modes: scan receiving at 6 preset frequencies, operation with noise suppressor in FM telephony mode, tone call transmission and reception, listening watch power-saving, radio data input from record device, simplex or two-frequency simplex at any of preset frequencies, remote control via two-wire line from a telephone distant up to 500 m, urgent erasure of data recorded earlier.
Types of data transmitted: analog data clear and secure with the built-in ciphering unit; digital data from the external DTE; tone call at a frequency of 1000 Hz.
Frequency range, ĚHz
Frequency spacing, kHz
Receiver sensitivity, µV, not worse
Transmitter output power low / high, W, min
1 / 8
Distance range, km
Continuous operation time at RX:TX:Economizer =1:1:8 time ratio
from battery 10NKGTs-7.5C (10NKGTs-6-2), h, min

DC power supply source, V
12 / 27
Transceiver overall dimensions, mm:
Mass, kg:
working set


Particularities of the radio station:
- possibility of use for any TCL tasks;
- diagnostics of units used in TM (technical masking) mode and AMU (automatic matching unit);
- ease of operation is provided by the automated selection and input of keys, frequencies and other radio data;
- possibility of operation by operators of different qualification;
- automatic tuning of antenna-matching unit for operating frequency used;
- automatic testing for serviceability;
- reliable chryptographic data protection;
- transceiver is produced as a seal, impact-strength, dust and waterproof case of aluminium alloy.

The radio is intended for replacement of obsolete radios R-159 (16 kg), R-159M (16 kg), R-163-10U (14 kg).

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