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HF radio stations

R-168-5KNE  HF manpack radio station

The R-168-5KNE HF manpack radio station provides clear and encrypted radio communication in the tactical command link radio networks under harsh environment. The radio station is added to its arsenal by the RF Ministry of Defence and other departments and also is delivered abroad.
The R-168-5KNE radio is rewarded with Diploma at International exhibition INTERPOLITEX.
It can be used as a part of the vehicle radio communication complex.
Operating distance (depending on the antenna type):
- ASh-2.4 - from 10 to 20 km, at parking and in motion;
- «inclined vibrator» - not less than 300 km at parking;
- «inclined path» - not less than 40 km at parking.

Purpose: The R-168-5KNE HF manpack radio station provides clear and encrypted radio communication in the tactical command link radio networks under harsh environment.
Component parts: transceiver and microphone-telephone handset, telephone key, ASh-2.4 antenna, VN/NL-5KNE universal antenna – “inclined vibrator – inclined path” with mast appliances, 10NKGTs-5 type battery, SPTA-S set, in-line documentation set. At customer’s wish the delivery complete set may be supplemented with charger UZM-6-1.
Types of operation: telephony with single-band modulation, telephony with ciphering of voice data, telegraphy with frequency-shift modulation FSK-500, amplitude telegraphy, frequency telegraphy (with and without ciphering in FM and FSK modes). Transmission and reception of digital data in TF (tone frequency) channel when operating with DTE using the DTE modem.
Operation modes: simplex or double-frequency simplex, frequency hopping with 22 hops per second (FH-22), automated adaptive communication (with and without ciphering in FM telephony and FSK modes), manual and automated radio data recording, transmission and reception of circular address and tone call, power-saving mode, operation at 8 preset channels, listening watch with ban to go to transmission, scan receiving at 8 preset channels, remote control by the remote telephone set, automated functional testing.

Frequency range, MHz
Frequency spacing, kHz
Number of preset frequencies
Number of channels
Transmitter output power, W
Operating distance (depending on the antenna type), km:
- ASh-2.4
- «inclined path»
- «inclined vibrator

Receiver sensitivity, µV, not worse
FH parameters, hops/s
Operating temperature range, °Ń
Transceiver overall dimensions, mm
Transceiver mass, kg, max

Particularities of the radio station:
- compact, monoblock design;
- ease of operation is provided by the automated selection and input of the frequencies, keys and other radio data;
- possibility of operation by operators of different qualification;
- reliable communications in harsh ECM/ECCM environment because of high-rate frequency hopping by the given algorithm in the whole operating band, automatic analysis of jamming and interference and change to the best channel;
- automatic change of the radios, operating in slave mode to master mode, when they both are in adaptive frequency-hopping communication mode, change them from secure mode to clear one and vice versa without violation of communication;
- introduction of late entry in the network communication;
- change to any automated mode in any order without violation of communication allows to act promptly against the ECM modern systems.

The R-168-5KNE radio is intended to replace obsolete radio stations R-163-10K (13 kg) and R-143 (14 kg).

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