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HF radio stations

R-168-1KE (“Kvartz-N”) HF portable radio station

The R-168-1KE radio station  operation under city conditions where the signal propagation is limited and also  provides long distance (up to 300 km) HF communication. The R-168-1KE radio station is designed to organize radio networks under conditions of medium- and high-broken country. Its civil version, portable radio station “Kvartz-N”, has been also designed. For some years of operation under harsh conditions the R-168-1K radio stations have received positive responses from a number of users of the RF Ministry for Defence, Ministry for Internal Affairs and other organizations. The R-168-1ĘĹ radio was highly rated by the RF President V.V.Putin at its demonstrative test.
The “Kvartz-N” radio station was given RF State Standard Quality Certificate No. POCC RU.
Ŕß60.H81403. The “Kvartz-N” radio station was rewarded with Diploma and Medal of IX International Forum “Interpolitex 2005”of means for state security provision.
Universal possibilities of the “Kvartz-N” radio station are allowed to recommend it to oil and gas companies, timber industry, geologists, deer-breeders, rescue services, hunting farms, and fish protection organizations. It is advisable to use for servicing of high-voltage power lines, protection of various objects and for other economic spheres.

Purpose: the R-168-1KE radio station is intended to provide clear or secure telephony single sideband (upper and lower) communication in the HF range. The radio station can provide communication with the same type radios and, when the frequency range and operation mode coincides, with the previous generation radio stations R-163, R-143, R-134, R-130, R-129 types.
Component parts: transceiver, HF control device, microphone-telephone handset, 10NKGTs-1.5P battery, 1.5 m rod antenna, charger, equipment, inclined path (NL) type antenna, cables set, SPTA-S set, in-line documentation set. At consumer’s will the delivery set may be added with: inclined vibrator/inclined path (VN/NL) antenna, symmetrizing unit, mast, converter of solar-to-electric energy, wiring, mating unit for input of the radio data from computer.
Types of operation: clear and secure USB/LSB modulation telephony, tone call signal.
Operation modes: simplex; power-saving mode; radio data recording from HF control unit, record console or mating module.
Frequency range, MHz
Frequency spacing, kHz
Number of preset frequencies (PF)
Retuning time for PF, ms
Transmitter output power, W
Frequency instability, not worse
Receiver sensitivity, µV, not worse
Operating range, (day/night) km, min:
for ASh-1.5 m antenna
for inclined path antenna

for dipole antenna

Supply battery type
Operating temperature range, °Ń
Overall dimensions, mm
Control unit

Transceiver mass, kg, not over

Particularities of the radio station:
- indication on display: “USB/LSB”, “operation/charging”, operating frequency, trouble;
- automatic matching with antennas: ASh-1.5, NL and VN;
- automatic protection in transmission mode against antenna break or its short-circuiting to ground;
- automatic protection of receiver input against effect of 5 V signal;
- availability of 10 m length cable for remote arrangement of transceiver;
- audible signaling of the 10NKGTs-1.5P battery discharge;
- operative change of working frequencies.

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