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UHF radio stations

R-168-0.5UDE UHF monoblock radio station

The R-168-0.5UDE monoblock radio station provides clear and encrypted communications in the tactical command link (TCL) radio networks: company commander – platoon commander - squad leader – individual soldier. The radio represents a facility for encryptic protection of data.
The radio provides communication with aircraft and warships at coincident parts of frequency range and operation modes for the TCL (tactical command link).
Delivery set: transceiver-monoblock, one-piece rubbered antenna, battery 6NKGTs-1.5, SPTA-S set, in-line documentation set. At customer’s will the delivery set may be supplemented with a record device, charger and adapters set. Produced in two variants: a single warhead; to outfit with a remote control unit and a telephone headset microphone with a more efficient antenna-feeder devices.
Operation modes: simplex or two-frequency simplex, operation with noise suppressor, automated radio data recording, scan receiving at 4 preset frequencies, power-saving mode, transmission and reception of tone call signal, voice prompter, automatic functional testing, audible signalling of power supply discharge.
Types of Operation: FM telephony or 16 kb/s secure voice telephony, data transmission at a rate of 1.2 to 16 kb/s via interface RS-232.
Types of data transmitted: analog clear data non-protected with built-in ciphering unit; analog secure data protected with built-in ciphering unit; digital data delivered from external DTE; tone call signal at a frequency of 1000 Hz.
Frequency range, ĚHz
Frequency spacing, ęHz
Receiver sensitivity, µV, not worse
Transmitter output power, W, nominal/elevated
Distance range, km, min:
in FM telephony mode
â secure telephony mode
data transmission

Continuous operation time from 6NKGTs-1.5
at RX:TX:Economizer =1:1:9 time ratio,
at nominal/elevated power, h, min:

Operating temperature range, °Ń
Transmitter overall dimensions, mm:
Transmitter mass, kg, not over:

Particularities of the radio station:
• it ensures communication with radios of the R-168 complex in FM clear or secure telephony mode at coincident parts of the frequency range.
• functional-modular design allows rapid in-field repairs by easy replacing of faulty modules;
• ease of operation is provided by minimization of number of the controls and by the automated input of operation modes, frequencies and keys for the encryption unit at 8 preset frequencies;
• voice prompter provides a secrecy of operation in darkness, reports to the user on the channel number, operation modes and discharge of the battery;
• transceiver is produced as a hermetically sealed, impact-strength, dust and waterproof case of aluminium alloy;
• ciphering unit allows to negotiate even whisper;
• useful operating life of the radio is 15 years, the delivery of group and repair SPTA is stipulated;
• digital data transmission interface is available from DTE to PC via RS-232.

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