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VHF radio stations

R-168-0.5MKME VHF portable radio station

R-168-0.5MKMEPurpose: Portable R-168-0,5MKME VHF frequency modulation is designed to provide single-channel and multi-channel open and technically secure (encryption information) radio at the tactical level of management.

Component parts:
- Transceiver;
- Rechargeable battery;
- Antenna 2 types (depending on the distance);
- Microphone headset;
- The frame to accommodate the operator of terminal equipment through the module interface.
Operation modes

- reception and transmission in single-frequency and two-frequency simplex;
- enter RDS (operating frequency, key technical camouflage, individual numbers (address), types and modes of operation at 8 predefined frequency);
- admission to the suppression of noise and without noise;
- duty saving reception;
- scanning method for the four frequencies;
- adaptive link at eight frequencies;
- at the operating frequency of the restructuring program at 8, 16,32, 64, 128, 256 frequencies;
- to call subscribers circular and address;
- control with a microphone, telephone headset with LCD display;
- management with PC via interface RS-232C.
Provides reception and transmission of the following types of information:
- tone with a frequency of 1000 Hz;
- open and masked telephone information with the built-in cryptographic protection of information;
- external open and classified digital information at speeds of 1,2 and 2,4 kbit / s in single channel and multichannel modes of the junction of C1-PL from the equipment of the T-231-1H;
- external digital information at speeds of 1,2, 2,4 and 16 kbit / s in single channel mode, to trigger the junction of worn equipment data;
- open analog information online technical masking vocoders at a speed of 2.4 kbit / s in single channel and multichannel modes.

Frequency range, MHz
Receiver sensitivity, µV, not worse
Transmitter output power, W, min
Distance range, km:
- simplex and double-frequency-simplex:
at antenna ASP-1.0
at antenna ASS-1.5
- FH and ŔŃ:
at antenna ASP-1.0
at antenna ASS-1.5


Operating temperature range, °Ń
temperature, °Ń
Transceiver overall dimensions, mm
Transceiver mass, kg, not over

Radio Features:
• sealed design;
• impact resistance;
• meets the requirements for resilience to climate impacts group 1.10 GOST RV20.39.304;
• multifunctional with relatively small dimensions and weight.

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