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VHF radio stations

R-168-0.1UME  VHF portable radio station

The R-168-0.1UME handheld radio station provides clear and encrypted communications in the tactical command link (TCL) radio networks: company commander – platoon commander - squad leader – individual soldier. The radio represents a mean of encryptic protection of data.

Delivery set: transceiver, control console with handset, antenna-feeder device (AFD) with wide-band matching unit, primary power supply 6NKGTs-0.94, equipment set, SPTA-S set, in-line documentation set, charger (single- or two-seated) and in-line documentation set. At customer’s will the delivery set may be supplemented with a record console.
Operation modes: simplex or two-frequency simplex, operation with noise suppressor, automated radio data recording, scan receiving at 4 preset frequencies, power-saving mode, transmission and reception of tone call signal, voice prompter, automatic functional testing, audible signalling of power supply discharge.
Types of Operation: FM telephony or 16 kb/s secure voice telephony, data transmission at a rate of 1.2 to 16 kb/s via interfaces RS-232.
Types of data transmitted: analog clear data non-protected with built-in ciphering unit; analog secure data protected with built-in ciphering unit; digital data delivered from external DTE; tone call signal at a frequency of 1000 Hz.
Frequency range, ĚHz
Frequency spacing, ęHz
Receiver sensitivity, µV
Transmitter output power, W, min
Distance range, km, min:
without encryption
with encription

Continuous operation time from 6NKGTs-0.94
at RX:TX:Economizer =1:1:9 time ratio, h, min:

Transceiver overall dimensions, mm
Mass, kg, not over

Particularities of the radio stations:
- functional-modular design allows rapid in-field repairs by easy replacing of faulty modules;
- ease of operation is provided by minimization of number of the controls and by the automated input of frequencies, keys and other radio data;
- voice prompter provides a secrecy of operation in darkness, reports to the user on the channel number, ciphering unit operation and the radio station operation modes;
- transceiver is produced as a hermetically sealed, impact-strength, dust and waterproof case of aluminium alloy;
- ciphering unit allows to negotiate even whisper;
- it gives an oppotunity to transmit digital data from DTE or PC via the matching module.

• R-168-0.1UME radio is recommended to be used instead of obsolete analogues: R-168-0.1U and «Barmitsa-RS»

Designer: Concern «Sozvezdie»

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