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Memorable dates in the Yaroslavl Radioworks history

The “Special meeting on defence of the state” at the government of Russian empire passed the regulation about construction of an aircraft factory not far from Yaroslavl in the emergency order. For construction of the factory “the First Russian company of aeronautics”, which was headed by Russian industrialist P.G.Schetinin, was founded.

By the regulation of the People’s Comissars, the factory was nationalized and handed over for the rent to the “Westinghouse” company for the organization of manufacture of the brake equipment for a railway transport.

The factory is transferred to direction of the People’s Comissariat for Machine-building and started to produce in lots the brake equipment for various transport systems.

The factory was transferred to direction of the People’s Comissariat of ammunition for the organization of production for front: detonators for mines and grenades, cases for anti-tank mines and shells, head parts for “Katyusha” jet shells.

The factory was returned to direction of the People’s Comissariat for Machine-building. The brake equipment for transport was produced again. For self-denying work of the collective and the big help to the front during the Great Patriotic War the factory was awarded forever with the challenge Red Banner of the State Defence Committee.

By Special regulation of the USSR Council of Ministers the Yaroslavl brake factory (among group of other factories) was transferred to direction of the Ministry of the Communication facilities industry with the purpose “… of provision of domestic aircraft construction by modern means of the radio communication”. The new page in a history of the factory henceforth the Yaroslavl Radioworks was opened.
This year the first party of the R-800 ("KLEN") airborne radio stations was manufactured.

The output of the “Dub-4” (R-801) airborne radio station equipped with an automatic frequency control was developed. In this station the main lack of the predecessor, necessity for change of the quartz resonator at the frequency tuning, was eliminated.

The works developed the manufacture of the next-generation of the airborne radio station
"Dub-5" (R-802). Use of the new element base (tiny radio valves) and innovative technology gave an opportunity to lower essentially the weight and dimensions of the radio and to make its parameters better.

The works began to develop the manufacture of the satellite equipment for the radio communications: orbital telemetric transmitters "Signal" and complexes "Peleng" for determination of the landed objects positions.

The beginning of repetition work of the “Evkalipt SMU” (R-832M) expanded VHF/UHF radio station. The titanic alloys, semiconductors and the MICROWAVE devices were used in its design. It gave an opportunity, at small dimensions and weight of the radio station, to provide steady and reliable communication in any regime of flight. Since 1970 the R-832M radio station has been established practically at all kinds of war-planes.

The beginning of the output of board repeaters for communication satellites. The output of the first production lot of board repeaters for communication satellites "Ìolniya-1", "Ìolniya-2".

For production high performance and organization of manufacture of new products the works was decorated with the October Revolution order. These years the works had been producing the following airborne radio stations: the "Lotus" VHF radio station, "Pero-D" (R-833) UHF radio station for helicopters, “Yadro-1” HF radio station for military-transport and bomber aircraft and others.

The works started manufacture of the articles with use of hybrid-film technology. It outputs the first lot of complex "Sonata-2" utilizing this technology. The complex was intended for transmission of search and identification signals of the spacecraft lowered from an orbit for definition of their position after a landing.

The first lot of the next generation airborne radio "Zhuravl-30" (R-862) was produced. Distinctive feature of this product was application of microcircuits with medium-scale integration, field-effect transistors, use of electronic tuning instead of mechanical one and etc.

Putting into operation the specialized workshop for manufacture of microelectronics products with use of hybrid-film technology, the output of the first lot of the combat control equipment.

By the the Supreme Soviet of RSFSR Presidium decree in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the USSR foundation and for production high performance, the works was conferred honorary title “The 60th anniversary of the USSR foundation Radioworks”.

The output of the first lot of multi-purpose repeaters for communication satellite "Globus-1", the beginning of the output of portable radio beacons “ARB-PK” operating in the “COSPAS-SARSAT” international satellite system for search and rescue.
The works begins to develop products of a new thematic direction – the “ARBALET-IV” VHF portable radios for the tactical command link.

The organization of production and the beginning of the output of sea radio beacons "ÀRB-MKS" ("Afalina"), operating in “COSPAS-SARSAT international satellite system for search and rescue, and sea radar responders "Dreif".

Development of production and the output of the fifth generation radios “Akveduk” (portable, manpack and vehicular radios for the tactical command link) and the “Barier-T” (R-438) subscriber manpack radio for satellite communication.

It was started the repetition work of the “Krestets” (R-805K3M) HF airborne radio station and “Belozyor” (R-438M) subscriber manpack radio station for satellite communication.

The works starts the production of the 5th generation radios: “Bozon” HF airborne radio, “Bekas” VHF/UHF airborne radio. Besides, it was started production of the R-612 VHF/UHF radio for all kinds of navy and inland water transport ships, satellite board equipment for communication and navigation of the “GLONASS” system and equipment for the land station of air-raid tracking.

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