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At the Yaroslavl Radioworks, the full production manufacture run from blanking operations and manufacturing of case details up to assembling adjustment and acceptance tests is realized. The works has not lost the old technologies of manufacture of communications facilities and successfully masters the newest ones.
Complexity and technical perfection of products issued by the works have predetermined the necessity of wide use of high technologies and modern equipment in the production process. Since 2006 the investment program, which assumes technological reequipment, has been realized at the works. The program is divided into 2 stages. The first stage covering 2006-2007 has been successfully completed. The second stage of the program, which is longer than first one, has been planned for 2008-2012. Only in 2008 it has been made of 100 million roubles of investment outlay, 31 units of equipment and many checkers have been purchased. Since 2007 the works has advanced to maximal automation of the production process.
Mechanical workshops are equipped with turning, milling, drilling and milling machine tools with numerical control, mechanical and hydraulic presses, welding equipment, heat treatment equipment.
Moreover, the following workshops operate: for moulding of aluminium alloys under pressure, for moulding and pressing of products of plastic, for galvanic coating, for painting.
Tool workshop provides designing and manufacturing of necessary equipment (stamps, moulds) for the basic industrial shops.
The shop of microelectronics is equipped with the equipment for manufacture of thin-film and thick-film microcircuits, plants for vacuum deposition, rulers of a photolithography, plants for laser adjustment of resistors, plants for manufacture of cliches, conveyor furnaces, laser plants for check of parameters, plants for laser welding, microwelding, microsoldering.
Assembly shops are equipped with the necessary equipment for assembling, adjustment and carrying out of all kinds of tests.

The basic technological features of the production process:
1. Manufacture of multilayered printed-circuit-boards on technology of open contact pads, paired pressing and through metallization.
2. Hybrid-film technology with use of thick and thin films, packageless elements.
3. Surface mounting with soldering pastes.
4. Frame operations with use of titanic and magnesian alloys: machining, conservation, welding, heat treatment, lacquer coating.
5. Soldering of aluminium frame assemblies in salt bath.
6. Wide application in the basic and tool manufacture of the metal-cutting equipment with numerical control.
7. Use at checks of products of the test equipment, allowing receiving the limiting temperatures, vibration in a wide range of frequencies, modes of deep vacuum.
8. Hermetic sealing of the functional assemblies and blocks with use of laser and electron-beam welding. Check of tightness of welded connections with halid and helium lead detectors
9. Use of narrow-band selective devices on the basis of crystals with surface-acoustic effect.
10. Application of the automated systems for check of correctness of the complex frame mounting and also for check of the basic parameters of the output products.

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