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Yaroslavl Radioworks Corporation is a leading Russian manufacturer of professional radio communications.
The enterprise was founded in 1952 on the basis of the Yaroslavl brake factory, which has been transferred by the special order of Council of Ministers of the USSR under direction of the Ministry of the radio-electronic industry with the purpose of equipping of domestic aircraft with the modern complexes of radio communications.

Yaroslavl Radioworks Corporation is engaged in manufacture, marketing, sales, after-sales service and repair of the following types of radio communication facilities:
- portable, manpack and vehicular facilities for land mobile communication;
- board and stationary facilities for communication and control for aircraft;
- facilities for communication and control for all kinds of navy and inland water transport ships;
- satellite board equipment for communication and navigation including one operating in the GLONASS system;
- search and rescue communication facilities for aircraft and navy including ones operating in the COSPAS-SARSAT system.
High quality guaranties of Yaroslavl Radioworks confirm by Certificates: ISO 9001, 9001, ( 15.002), COSPAS-SARSAT. The articles for military purposes are manufactured under supervision of representatives of the Russian Ministry for Defence and Maritime Register of shipping.
At the Yaroslavl Radioworks the full production run of manufacture, from blanking operations before assembling, adjustment and acceptance tests, is realized.
The works follows to the newest technologies, the advanced scientific developments and uses its long-term operational experience.


The works technical politics traditionally bases on the modern products developments of the Russian leading scientific research institutes. Our todays partners are Concern Sozvezdie (Voronezh), Research Institute Polyot (Nizhny Novgorod), Research Institute of Satellite instrument-making (Moscow) and other Russian leading designers.

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